in the mid of my sleep, god took me some where, where I could see the hell at my right hand side and the heaven at the left. It was very miserable to see the hell at my right side instead of the heaven, to where only right things can take us.

I asked him, “Why is it at the left side? I thought it would be at the right side.”

“What?” God did not get me.

“The heaven!!! You know, we do only right things because we want to enter into the heaven and you have kept it at your left side. We don’t even use our left hand to eat or give money or for any other purpose that is considered to be good. You should have kept it at the right side!!!”

‘I should?!! Then who is the god?!!!! God wondered and raised his eye brows to me and continued, “Okay, who told you that the heaven is at my right side only? What is right side and who told you that only right things can bring you to heaven?”

I got confused and looked at him blankly. He walked two steps away and turned to me and asked, “See now it is at my right side, are you happy now? Did you get anything extra by that? You, humans always limit my abilities to this kind of absurdity and that never ends.’

 After a pause, god continued, “I don’t want to elaborate it, as you have only limited time and I have an important point to convey you.”

I was bewildered and looked at him!! He asked, “Can you see the places properly? What can you see there?”

I looked at both sides. It seemed almost similar in appearance, but the hell obviously looked filthy, where the men came into view as skeletons and tears dropped from their eyes.  But, the heaven was entirely different, where everyone was so relaxed and looked great. I could see a dining table there which was filled with inviting food and drinks.

God repeated, “What could you see?”

I just looked at him and said, “Heaven has everything and hell has nothing.”

God replied, “No, you are mistaken!”

 I: “You have given everything to heaven and nothing to the other world. Where have I been mistaken?”

God:  “I only provide food to them, I mean to both. The rest you saw are made by those who stay there.”

I: “Did you provide food to both?  Look at the people in the hell! They hardly eat anything. See their condition, so pathetic! Why are you saying so, even when the proof is in front of me?  And I feel very bad for them.”

He smiled and replied, “Whenever you see the hell, you should have a close look to that and I stand on my words- I provide food to both. You can check it.

I went to hell to check it by myself. Nobody noticed me, as it was breakfast time and I got surprised that they only used their mouth to eat, but never used their hands. So, a humongous amount of food gets wasted and falls down in the dirt and they fight each other for the rest.  Why don’t they use their hand? I wanted to ask that, but nobody was paying attention to me. I waited till the morning food got over. Even after it is finished, nobody wanted to move out from the dining table, as they did not want to miss their chance at lunch, despite there was enough time for that. Somehow, I asked about that and they started raising their hands and showed that they could not bend their hands; so the food in their hand never reaches till the mouth, and hence they use their mouth to eat. And, they blamed the god for the same –He is so cruel.

I went back to god and asked, “Why did you punish them like this”

God said nothing and took me to the heaven and showed me that even they had the same problem. He said, “Now, see how they are tackling the problem.” They were feeding each other while at the dining table.   

I realized that limitations never make anything hell, and heaven does not mean that there is no limitation. Actually, nothing is hell or heaven.

Since that morning, we team decided to do our best for our connections. Before sending a message, we started replying to the message we got; before sending an invitation, we started accepting what we got. Before asking for a business, we started managing the queries we got. And, we always stand with you for any support. Thank you all of you.