We talk a lot about climate change and environment pollution on many public platforms; but take only a few steps to fight this danger. Many organisations have been set up to tackle this problem by conducting studies on the relevant topic. We see that as a part of CSR commitments, many companies have started funding for NGOs and other institutions dealing with environmental issues. A number of companies directly take part in campaigns and projects like planting trees on road sides, cleaning up rivers etc. 

By going digital, the biggest advantage is for the environment. Thousands of trees are being cut for making paper and other accessories related to that. This can be stopped for an extent, if we completely go digital. Many developed countries argue that the tagline "go paperless, save trees" is misleading, saying that there are many other uses like timber for constructing houses, digitization can help at least a few trees. Now, most of the print media have started providing news and articles online, thereby inculcating a culture of reading online in the readers. For taking this task in an extensive way, first we have to gather those who are outside the digital world into that. Otherwise, the task seems to be a bit strenuous. 

At least, if we start with business cards, that will be a great achievement. Though technology has moved forward a lot, it is quite surprising that almost every company, entrepreneur and professional carry paper cards as their business cards. It has become a crucial time to transport ourselves to digital cards. Regardless of the quantity of business cards used, digitization makes a change in its own way. We know that some companies have come up with the idea of digital cards; but, each has its limitations. In this series, the latest and best is Cardaap, a modern app for creating and exchanging business cards. Once downloaded, it can be used both online and offline. 

Though visiting cards are only a minuscule of total number of paper used, it should be viewed as a harbinger for this revolution. Since this generation is preoccupied with mobile applications, Cardaap can be an excellent option. When we find it extremely difficult to keep numerous cards, this has proved to be an advancement over the traditional method of exchanging cards. One of the prime advantages of Cardaap is that each and everyone can be a user of it and can create cards.