People are yet to realize the difference between social media and professional net work.

LinkedIn is the best example for a professional platform, where you should have to care about the action (think twice before you post) before you do. Posting a holiday selfie may cause you lose a job opportunity. Now, companies are studying your social media profiles before making an interview call, where everything is decided by algorithm. Your recent sixty seven actions(like, share, comment or whatever) on social media(even Facebook) are more than enough to assess what kind of personality you are. Yes, you are doing it from a closed room, but it is equal to standing naked on the street. So see your post yourself before publishing it. 

Also, one should know how to prepare a CV. See the screen shot I have shared above. He might have told the truth, but who doesn't want to live more? Anyway, nobody wants to take risk! Not asking you to say lies, but no to bitter truths, you can avoid it. Be positive to everything. So as to your CV. !!