As the world shrinks to fingertips, business has become comparatively easier to start. This is evident even from the small online businesses run by house wives. Accessibility to technology and thereby knowledge has enhanced the confidence and opportunity to get in touch with the wide market outside. But, at the same time, it has become even more difficult to reach and convince the public, due to tight competition of similar products from all sectors. No matter what you provide and how superior your product or service is, the sale depends upon how you present it. Hence, every company and individual try to adopt the most innovative idea and technique to woo the customers.

Here comes the importance of Cardaap. It is a digital business card creating and exchanging app. As we all know that business card depicts the identity of a company or an individual, every firm tries to have one. Although we have entered into a digital era, we still cling on to paper cards. When the traditional cards are attached with many drawbacks like getting misplaced, difficult to search, getting damaged over time and use etc., Cardaap decodes almost all the complications related to the former.

The first and foremost advantage of Cardaap is that it makes your card publicly visible. By putting adequate and appropriate keywords, you can promote your page, which eventually helps you to show your card on top. Once it comes on the first search, it gives an impression to the viewer that you are an authentic vendor or service provider. For example, if you are running a beauty parlour, you can place appropriate key words to the 'keyword adding option'.

As Cardaap is digital, distance is not at all a matter. You can share your card to anyone across the globe. Simply talking over phone and exchanging a card give two different impressions. When you share your card, it lifts your identity and relation to some new realm. 

As mentioned earlier, many a time, most of our business cards, which are given to our clients, get missed or misplaced, and thus we lose some valuable and potential business or contact. This is a problem with traditional business cards. But, Cardaap ensures you that your card will stay intact with your client or customer, with zero damage.

Thus, Cardaap comes up with the latest technology that helps you in enlarging your business. If your business is smart, why can't your business be?