Every single starting is a struggle. When you see the sky, you want to fly; but your wings are not enough to take you there. 

This is a crucial phase for any start up, as every founder might have gone through much mental struggle the day he started thinking of a startup. It is a leap into an uncertain terrain, where there is no hope for any practice before or experience. Moreover, if it is the first time something new comes to be experienced in the life, it costs the life itself. Hence, it is not at all easy to move out from a comfort zone to this land of unpredictability. Obviously, there are numerous adventurers who cannot resist themselves from doing such adventures and they are the people who have shaped this world till date and only they can do the same for the future. So, this is our duty to give feathers to their wings to rise against all the odds and serve the society, which can make us prosperous. Who do not want to be prosperous? Each and every facility we have today is the contribution of these creative men who had given their life for that.

'When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it', though the journey would not be easy to achieve it. Hence, even the smallest favour on the way will be the biggest relief for the traveller. 

Now, for any start up, promotion or marketing of a product or service is the biggest challenge they face. Spending a lot of money or time will not suffice for getting any result in the initial stage. Only by studying the beat of the market thoroughly, a robust strategy could be configured. It is not just the matter of quality of your product or service that you want offer, but how you are going to present it decides the future of it. And, we know that always creative people are not adequately good in the sector of marketing. That is the only reason why many great ideas get stuck or lost in the middle of its way. Business promotion needs a continuous and uninterrupted work for a prolonged period to find a space in the market. Start ups have only limited fund and therefore, the paid options for marketing should only be a second choice for them. It is viable for such companies to sustain only if they choose for any free service. 

Cardaap, a modern app for creating, publishing and exchanging business cards, is the best example for this. It gives good opportunity to publish business card of start ups and other companies, along with their press release. It ensures that it is reaching the people whom you want to engage in business with. The most attractive part of Cardaap is that it is a free service and that is the reason why every startup should use Cardaap as their promotion option.