Business card is one of the key ingredients of any business. It is a singular platform where you can advertise your company name, business logo, website etc. This helps you in exhibiting your identity, the authenticity of your business, imparting information about your business etc.

Currently, though majority of the business happens in a digital manner, business/ visiting cards are still used in traditional way. As the business transactions and people-to-people contact are increasing day by day, it has become almost very difficult to keep and search the cards. Even if you keep it in a card folder, at times, they can be misplaced. Moreover, it is very inconvenient to carry the entire card folder carrying others cards and your own cards wherever you go. Hence, time has arrived to move on to digital business cards.

Here, Cardaap addresses almost all the problems faced by traditional paper cards and imparts perfect solution for the same. Cardaap is a digital business card creating and exchanging app, which helps you in creating, carrying, keeping and transferring cards easily. 

Moreover, when you change your office address and other details, you cannot keep the same business card with you. You have to change the details on the card; hence, have to give for printing a new set of cards, and have to distribute or share it with your acquaintances. But, with Cardaap, you do not have to have such hassles. Here, you can simply edit the details and it gets automatically updated to the folder of others with whom you have shared your card. If you have kept it as a public card, it will be visible there as well.

When paper cards are prone to damage over time and use, Cardaap ensures zero damage. Most of the traditional business cards are made from paper, it means considerable destruction to the environment. As we have stepped into a more hostile world with drastic climate change, we should be prudent enough to roost to eco-friendly technology. 

Cardaap is the smartest way to exchange business cards, and an easy way to do business.