We all know that business cards indicate your identity- that you are ready with your business. Moving forward, why hasn't it still been digitized? Here are some benefits of digitizing your card.

Easy to carry: While going for a business meeting or some other purposeful visit, usually a business man carries his cards. For many, this has become difficult, as the wallet is full of many other cards. In the case of digital cards, you do not have to carry many cards with you, wherever you move.

Easy to keep: With the expansion of business, it has become practically very difficult to keep all the cards. Many chances of cards getting misplaced and lost are very common. Once you have a digital card folder, there is no trouble in keeping all your cards in a digital format. And you will never get a call saying,"Could you give me your card again?" Sorry, I lost your card"..

Zero damage: As paper cards can get damaged over time, digital cards promise zero damage.

Distance is not a matter: Exchanging paper cards is possible only when you meet somebody in person. But, in the case of digital card exchange, distance is not at all a matter.

Easy to transfer: As distance is not an issue, it has become very easy to transfer and use digital cards.

Eco friendly: Since no tree is harmed in this process, the green technology aids you to do your business in an environment friendly way.

The smartest way: Though more than 60 percent of the total business follows a digital route, be it the execution or transaction, business cards are being kept and shared in traditional way only.

Thus, Cardapp- a digital business card creating and exchanging app- is an attempt to make your business easy. Let us do it in a more smart way, without harming the environment.