Microsoft News
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This is Microsoft's answer to Apple News and Google News — a completely overhauled version of MSN News. 

They've added a whole lot of simplicity and flair plus made it free and unrestricted. 

To start, you can create an account to keep your preferences in sync across devices. As usual with any news app, you first tell it your preferences/interests and it curates news and content from multiple sources in one place. The difference here is that Microsoft uses both AI (artificial intelligence) and human editors for curation. 

You need the AI bit because of the sheer variety: they've partnered with over a thousand premium publishers and over 3,000 brands from all global markets. It’s important to note that you can read news from publishers that normally have paywalls. 

We liked the dark mode option — a lot easier on the eyes. Links in a news item will open within the app itself. Other options available to you include font size adjustments, global search, news around you and a share button. This might just become the go-to app for your daily dose of news. 

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