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Cardaap - a new Experience

Cardaap is unique in its kind and it gives the users a new experience. We are describing some of the main features that really helps you to bring new light and smartness in to your venture.

Yes, by now, you might have known that, creating a card with CARDAAP will help you to exchange and get the latest update of your contact with all of your circle, but you might not be aware of the other options, which can be really useful to promote your business.

Publishing of Business card :

This is one of the features that counts as a really good promotion option for the users. You just need to make your card as a Public one, but you should make sure that the key words you added with the card are adequate. Listing in the Public folder let everyone (whoever searches for a particular goods or service in a particular area or anywhere as you wish) gets your contact, which could be a better option to find new customers easily.

Generate QR Code of your business card :

Generating QR code of your card is so simple, but the advantages that it brings are not that simple. So, we suggest everyone to generate the QR code and enjoy the advantages. You can keep it at the counter, door or on the shutter, wherever you want. Yes, it can help you a lot when somebody asks for your card. There is no need to send it yourself, as they can find it themselves, without interrupting you. And, it helps you when you are not there in the shop or the customer finds it closed. At that time, the QR Code helps the customer to reach you easily and protects you from missing any of them.

Add location to your Business card :

Yes, you are right! The address will be there in the card, but it is not everything the customer, who wants to reach your shop, wants. You might have noticed that many of the Business cards have the map that mentions the exact location of the shop. Now a days, event cards too mention the same, because it makes the ride to the destination so easy. Moreover, it is a digital card and you are adding location with Google Map, so it will be exact and your customers will be thankful for the same.

Mention My card :

Are you into any kind of marketing or sales team? Then, you should be aware of this option. This is the best option to remind your clients about the goods and services you are providing them. It helps you to remind them about an order or the routine visiting time to your service or consulting center or a function and others. You just have to send a mention note to your client and it will help them to contact you on right time. And also, it will help when you want to mention them about the new offer, new product or a function where you expect their presence.

Link with your Website :
Most of you have a website. You have mentioned the same in the business card that you keep with CARDAAP, but did you connect the website with your card? That is also important. You can show the link of your CARDAAP business card at the bottom of your website as like the other social media links you have shown. This helps your customer to find your contact easily. It also helps them to find a local agent of your company. And adding location with your card will help them to reach your store easily.

Scan and add card :

We are happy to introduce you the new and dynamic feature of CARDAAP that is added recently. If anyone of you do not have this, please update and get it. It helps you to add any of the traditional business card with you to your CARDAAP folder, even they don't have an account. You just have to scan and crop the card and add it with minimum information like Name, email ID and the phone number of the card owner. So, the contact will be secure in your folder and you don't have to worry about the loss or misplacement of that card. And, as you know, you can access the same from anywhere, any time with any device.




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